Technical Information

Polygon Cruncher SDK is delivered as a C++ library :

  • Available for Windows, MacOS and Linux (x64 bits platform).
  • Compatible with Visual Studio 2010 to 2017, XCode and gcc 4

The library includes the following features:

  • A complete and compact 3D scene graph including:
    • N-gons meshes, curves and patches
    • Multi UV channels
    • Multi Vertex Colors channels
    • Specified normal channel
    • Transformation
    • Material and textures

  • A complete set of 3D features, including:
    • Triangulation
    • Confused points removal, coplanar faces removal
    • Topological cleanup features
    • Normal generator
    • Mesh collapsing

  • Polygon Cruncher Algorithm, including:
    • Single / multi meshes polygonal optimization
    • Multiresolution mesh generation
    • Optimization serialization
    • Real time optimization
    • UV texture, vertex colors, specified normal optimization

  • 3D I/O features, including the following formats:
    • FBX (Read/Write/Update)
    • Collada DAE (Read/Write/Update)
    • Sketchup (Read/Write)
    • Wavefront (Read/Write)
    • 3DS (Read/Write)
      Modo (Read/Write)
    • Cinema 4D (Read/Write/Update)
    • Lightwave (Read/Write)
    • VRML 1 / VRML 97 (Read)
    • Truespace, Stl, ply, dxf...

It is provided with a sample which demonstrate its usage in a DirectX context. It is also provided with a documentation which explain the different C++ classes.