Polygon Cruncher SDK and Siemens JT Open Program

Siemens LogoPolygon Cruncher supports JT files thanks to Siemens JT SDK.
This means that Polygon Cruncher SDK is not only able to read or write JT files but it does it with a full support of JT specifications.

Polygon Cruncher SDK allows, with only few lines of code :

  • To read a JT file and convert it to another supported format (FBX, Collada, Sketchup...)
  • To read any recognized file (fbx, obj, stl...) and convert it to JT format (polygonal part)
  • To read a JT file and generate LOD from its content automatically. LOD can be:
    • Embedded to the JT file (keeping any other information, such
    • Write to another JT file

Polygon Cruncher handles polygonal information as well as normals, colors and textures.

JT file support is included to Polygon Cruncher SDK free of charge to any licensor that has subscribed to JT Open program with Siemens.
If you do not have subscribe such license, please check out Siemens JTOpen program.

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