Autodesk logo
Autodesk and Mootools integrates Polygon Cruncher SDK as Pro Optimizer modifier plugin in 3ds Max.
The modifier integrates the different optimization methods. It shows how multi resolution mesh generates a mesh at the required LOD in real time while user adjusts the optimization ratio.
Anark logo
Anark includes Polygon Cruncher SDK in Anark Core Platform.
Lumion logo
Act-3D adds Polygon Cruncher SDK to its Lumion product which is a real-time 3D visualization tool for making movies and still shots of architecture, planning and design.
Twinmotion logo
Twinmotion adds Polygon Cruncher SDK to its software for adding 3D format support to its software as well as mesh optimization in the importation process.

Twinmotion allows you to view the project in real time, create realistic presentations from 3D CAD data for in-situ decision making. Twinmotion’s rich libraries offer a complete ecosystem of material, color, light, water, plants, humans to simulate life in the city and in nature; to project the user in a realistic and lively project. Twinmotion facilitates the project review, designing and content creation including image and video, offline and online digital model generation.
FMC logo
FMC Kongsberg Subsea uses Polygon Cruncher SDK in its FMC 3d viewer product.

"I am very satisfied with the quality and speed of Polygon Cruncher SDK and the support has been superb!!! The addition Polygon Cruncher data serialization to the SDK has enabled us to  present  real-time 3d scenes containing many highly complicated 3d models with on-the-fly generation of levels of detail." Thomas Edmund Beddell, Software Engineer
20-20 technologies
Founded in 1987, 20-20 Technologies has been leading the world in computer-aided design, business and manufacturing software for the interior design and furniture industries for more than 20 years. 20-20 Technologies’ solutions cover the entire supply chain, from plant floor to point of sale. They have become the industry standard for their breadth of functionality and catalog content as well as their cutting-edge 3D rendering. 20-20 Technologies owes its unrivalled expertise and longevity in the industry to the calibre of its more than 500 employees and extensive network of partners worldwide. The company operates in 11 countries.
Numeri4D logo
Numeri4D is an engineering company specializing in new technologies.
Numeri4D main focus is to offer expertise in the processing of 3D imaging. The use of augmented reality is our first value. Training and communication through digital tools complement their expertise.
Cygnicon logo
Architecture software suite Cygnicon integrates mootools I/O features.
Freespin 3D
Revolver Animation and Game Technologies integrates mootools I/O features in freeSpin3D.