Polygon Cruncher for Maya

The first part of the tutorial shows how to setup Polygon Cruncher for Maya from scratch. The second part shows how to optimize a Maya scene using the polyCrunch script command. It explains the 2 different kind of nodes that are added to the scene when you use Polygon Cruncher in maya.


This simple tutorial demonstrates how to convert 3D file (a Lightwave in this example) to Sketchup with 3DBrowser. It explains step by step how to perform the file conversion and then see the result into Sketchup.

How to sort files in the way you want?
How to associate a sound to an image?
How to create an independent slides show?
How to customize main window appearance?
How to view several folders in the same window?
How to edit file's title and description?
How to create an album and add files?
How to use 3DBrowser to clean your hard disks?
Restore the horizontal axe of an image using Rotate to horizontal tool
Restore the horizontal axe of a scanned document in few clicks.
Create an animated GIF
All you need to know to create an animated Gif.
Create a batch command that converts 3D scenes into images
How creating a batch command? A tutorial that will help you to explore the batch command tool available under 3DBrowser for 3D Users / 3DBrowser Image Edition.
How to display information on a given object or material?
How to define a specific point of view for a scene?
I heard about Polygon Cruncher for 3DBrowser but I can't find it?
3D viewer demonstration
Demonstration of few features of the 3d viewer.