Feature Comparison Between Versions

You will find below a table comparing the features of different versions.

3DBrowser 3DBrowser
3D visualization
OpenGL viewer with many display modes
Import / Export / Merge scenes from multiple files
Scene tree filtering with logical operators
In-depth information (indexes, UVs, material assignment...)
Creation of thumbnail preview with  user-defined point of view
Triangulation, normal invert tools...
  Advanced reorganization of the scene (object merging, merge by materials...)
  Annotation tools
Display annotation
  Cutting plan
  Polygon Cruncher
  Integration within 3DBrowser
  Polygon Cruncher StandAlone
  Batch optimization
  Image viewer
Import / Export
Resize, crop, rotation, filters and other features
Preview for 3D and image files
Zip content preview
Share preview with Windows Explorer (icons and preview pane support)
Flattened view of a multiple directory selection
Quick filtering

Customizable view mode to display user-defined metadata

Search by criteria or among metadata

User-defined sorting and grouping



Metadata edition (author, category, title, notes...)

Keywords edition

Albums (references to files from different directories)


Mesh annotations in the 3D viewer



Creation of batch commands


Batch processing with Polygon Cruncher

Converting a set of 3D files

Resize and convert a set of images or textures



Printing of contact sheets

HTML Export

Screen or video capture

Creation of animated gif from a scene

Zip creation in 1 click

Metadata Import / Export

Send e-mails with integrated image resizing