Create Slide Shows

3DBrowser Light Edition / Image Edition / for 3D Users

The Export Slides Show feature generates an independent slides show. This is a small application that contains your images, 3D scenes images, sound and descriptive texts. You can send this application to your friends or your partner. You might use it for your business or put it in the Windows start up folder.

A - Slides show without text (download this slide show sample)

  1. Prepare the files to export
  2. Select the files to export
    • Use the Control key to select several files.
  3. Open Tools / Others / Export Slides Show from the main menu: a dialog appears.
  4. Select the default settings for your slides show.
    • The end user will have the possibility to change these settings when he run the slides show.
    • Select slides width and height and quality.
      The smaller the format and the quality are, the smaller the generated application will be.
    • Enter the delay slides appear in Display time
    • You might change the background color, use Transition or not, enlarge small images to screen size.
    • Check Loop to make the slides show loops indefinitely
    • Check Play sound or not if you have sounds associated to your files.
      Note that sounds format are not converted and you must take care to use a common audio sound format if you want the slides show runs on all computers.
  5. Check Preview slides show.
  6. Select Open an explorer window from the once created drop down menu.
  7. Click on the text tab and check No text to remove any text.
    1. Look part B to edit text for the slides show.
  8. Click on the OK button: the slides show preview begins.
  9. Click anywhere to stop the preview: a dialog box asks you if you want to export the slides show.
  10. Answer Yes to export the slides show.
  11. Enter a name (ie. slidesshow.exe) for your slides show application, the press OK. 3DBrowser starts creating the slides show.
  12. An explorer window appears. Double click on slidesshow.exe to run your slides show.
  • The slides show application is independent. The end user doesn't need to have 3DBrowser on its computer to run it.
  • The end user can adjust the settings using a right click while running the slides show.

B - Slides show with simple text (download this slide show sample)

  • Prepare the files to export
  • Follow part A, steps 2 to 6.
  • Click on the text tab. Uncheck No texts.
  • Click on the left top box of the position control.
  • Click in the text edition area. Press Ctrl+A then Backspace to remove existing text.
  • Edit the following text:
    My files
    <tagifexist>Title: <brttitle><tagendifexist>
    • Enter My files in the first line. Press return.
    • This text will appear on each slide.
    • Click on the Tags button. Select File - Name and Properties / File Name. Press return.
    • A<brtfilename(name)> tag is inserted on the second line. This tag will be replaced by the file name on each slides.
    • Click on the Tags button. Select Conditionals tags / Begin of empty tag evaluation text. <tagifexist> tag is added to the text.
    • Type "Title:".
    • Click on the Tags button. Select File - Description / Title. <brttitle> tag is added to the text.
    • Click on the Tags button. Select Conditionals tags / End of empty tag evaluation text. <tagendifexist> is added to the text.
    • This tag sequence will be replaced by something like "Title: the file title" on each slides. If no title has been edited for a given file, nothing is display. Look at Edit file's title and description to know how edit a title for a file.
    • Press Ctrl+A in the edit zone to select the whole text. Select the text font, size and color from the toolbar.
  1. Select the text background color by clicking on the color button. Uncheck Text on a transparent background.
  2. Click on another box of the position control. You might edit a different text for this location.
  3. Follow part A, steps 8 to 12.