Sort Files As You Want

3DBrowser Light Edition / Image Edition / for 3D Users

Sorting files consist in ordering thumbnails in the way you want, because sorting by name or by file size can be devoid of interest.

Current displayed order is also important as it's used in several features. For example:

  • Slides are displayed using the current displayed order in the slides show feature.
  • Files are printed using the current displayed order in the Print catalogue feature.
  • Files are exported using the current displayed order in the HTML Exportation feature.

So let's go:

  1. Select one or more files in the main window
  2. Left click on one of the selected files and move the cursor without releasing the left button.
  3. A blue line appears: it represents the new insertion point for the selected files
  4. Move the blue line between two thumbnails
  5. Release the left button: files are moved to your location
  • This custom order will be kept each time you'll open the directory, if View / Arrange Icons / Activate Custom Sort Automatically is checked.
  • You can delete the custom order using View / Arrange Icons / Delete Custom Order.