These screenshots are taken from 3DBrowser for 3D Users / Image Edition
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Main screen and viewer

Main screen - 3D files
Main screen - images files
Main screen (without desktop panel)
Polygon Cruncher for 3DBrowser
3D Viewer
Image viewer

3DBrowser Image Edition / for 3D Users exportation samples

Contact sheet printing
Contact sheet printing
(another template, 3D scenes)
Animated GIF created with
3DBrowser Image Edition / for 3D Users
HTML exportation

Features dialog box

Search for a file dialog box
Animated Gif dialog box
Screen capture dialog box
Batch processing dialog box
Contact sheet printing dialog box
Export slides show dialog box
Properties on a file
Display directory and sub directory size in the desktop panel

Thumbnails display mode

Thumbnails display mode (small size)
Thumbnails display mode (large size)
Customizable display mode
Group display mode
Alpha channel is displayed
Detailled display mode