3DBrowser 15.55 and Polygon Cruncher 13.65
are available!

These are maintenance releases that fix some bugs related to Sketchup format support, Polygon Cruncher and improve the display of GLTF models.
They integrate of course the main previous improvements:

  • Normal map bumping display for FBX, GLB, Wavefront files
  • Update mode for GLB / GLTF files when using Polygon Cruncher files
  • UVs Checker tool
  • Improved OpenGL rendering
  • Improved Y-Up / Z-Up choice when opeing 3D viewer or generating thumbnails (3DBrowser)
  • Many fixes of all kinds!

Download 3DBrowser (30-day evaluation)
Download Polygon Cruncher (7 days evaluation)

Tutorial : export your 3D models to GLTF and integrate them on your website

A tutorial that shows step by step how to export a Sketchup file to GLTF and gives examples of integration to your html pages.

A nice tuto from ideaform3d on Polygon Cruncher for 3ds Max

Get more information about 3DBrowser, a must to organize and visualize your 3D scenes, your images and a perfect tool to convert your 3D files from one file format to another one.

3DBrowser is an essential tool to manage your pictures and 3D scenes.
Reads, converts or optimizes Sketchup, Collada, FBX, GLTF, Blender, Cinema 4D, Modo, Wavefront, Lightwave, 3ds Max, Maya (...) files with our universal browser which supports also any kind of image formats.
The software includes all the tools for viewing, organizing, converting your media files and a host of features to help you improve your productivity.
3DBrowser is available in 2 different versions which match closely to your needs.

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Get more information about Polygon Cruncher, the 3D scene optimizer for 3ds Max, Maya, Lightwave, Modo, Sketpchup.

Polygon Cruncher is a must for simplifying and optimizing your 3D scenes. Reduce the number of polygons without losing detail and keep your scene UVs, vertex colors and normals.
Polygon Cruncher is used by leading company to shorten production and rendering time and improves general 3D-asset workflow.
Polygon Cruncher plugin exists for 3ds Max, Maya, Lightwave, 3DBrowser and as standalone software.

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Get more information about Polygon Cruncher SDK, the software development kit that will simplify your 3D developments and will allow you to include Polygon Cruncher 3D simplification and optimization process to your software.

Polygon Cruncher SDK is a C++ library for Windows, MacOS, Linux that includes all the Polygon Cruncher optimization features.
The library also allows reading and writing most of the usual 3D formats and provides a full support of JT files. It also includes many additional features (complete and compact scene graph, cleaning, welding, triangulation...) that will make easier your 3D developments.

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Get more information about RC Localize, a tool for localizing your application and translate it from one language to another one.

RC Localize is a tool for localizing your software in any language.
The integrated environment simplifies and secures the translation of the texts contained in the resources of your application.
The abilitiy to export resources into multiple formats, the dialogue editor and the spelling features make this software a complete tool for your localization needs.

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