Tip - Exporting using update mode

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Tip - Exporting using update mode

Post by mootools » Fri Dec 08, 2017 10:52 am

Polygon Cruncher Stand-Alone is able to optimize any kind of 3D files. It supports FBX for example, which is a complex file format that can contain not only geometry but a wide range of data (animation, rigging, user data...).

Once optimized, Polygon Cruncher offers 2 modes for exporting the simplified geometry:
  • Save Mode
    Polygon Cruncher creates a fresh file from scratch containing only optimized the geometry data.
  • Update Mode
    Polygon Cruncher updates the input file geometry keeping all the extra data of the input file (specific materials, bones...). You have to check the option in the output file dialog when it is available.
Update exportation mode is available not only for FBX, but also for Collada, Cinema 4D and Modo.
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