Regenerate thumbnails for Windows Explorer

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Regenerate thumbnails for Windows Explorer

Post by mootools » Wed Aug 15, 2018 12:24 pm

3DBrowser allows to regenerate thumbnails for some file, a whole directory (including or not sub directories), using Update Catalogs tool.
Most of the time the automatic thumbnails generation does the job itself.

But trigger a manual thumbnail generation can be needed is you define a new specific point of view for your 3D files, or if you want to erase the Demo Mode text that might appears after full trial period expire.
You can also use the Update Catalogs tool to refresh Windows Explorer thumbnails.

For regenerating thumbnails :
  • Select the directory with 3DBrowser folder tree.
  • Optionally select one or more file if you want to only refresh these files
  • Open Tools > Update Catalogs... or press Ctrl+U
  • Select Current Selection (to refresh selected thumbnails) or Current Catalog (optionally include sub directories)
  • Select Recompute thumbnails if you want to make 3DBrowser recompute the thumbnails. Selecting that option, 3DBrowser will read the file again a generate a new thumbnail from the file.
  • Select Update Windows Explorer thumbnails if you want to refresh the Windows Explorer thumbnails
  • Press Update
Your thumbnails will be recomputed (Recompute thumbnails was checked) and Windows Explorer thumbnails will be refreshed (if Update Windows Explorer thumbnails was checked).

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