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Activate / deactivate thumbnails generation

Post by mootools » Fri Jan 19, 2018 10:39 am

One useful feature of 3DBrowser is it capabilities of generating thumbnails for Windows Explorer.
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This setting can be turned On or Off, and depending on the way you set up the application.
If it is disabled you can turn it on:
  • Open Edit > Preferences, select Extension and Windows Shell
  • Click on Explorer Integration >Thumbnails generation
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From that menu you can automatically enable or disable the thumbnail generation (and file preview) for images, 3D files, 3DBrowser recognized files or any files.

You can also tweak the thumbnail generation with the following options:
  • Generate Thumbnails Only if No Other Application is Defined : this prevents 3DBrowser to generate thumbnails if a thumbnail generator already exists for a particular extension.
    For example, Windows Explorer already recognized Jpeg files.
    If you check that choice, you will let Windows Explorer generate JPEG files.
    If you do not check that choice, 3DBrowser will generate JPEG thumbnails and override Windows Explorer builtin JPEG thumbnail generator
  • Generate Thumbnails Only if computation is fast :
    If you check this option, 3DBrowser will look at the size of the file and if it is too big, it will not generate the thumbnail for this file, unless the thumbnails have been already computed if you previously browsed the folder with 3DBrowser.
    Checking this option provides a better reactivity and prevents Windows Explorer to be frozen. In counterpart, some of the thumbnails might be missing if you don't generate these thumbnails directly opening 3DBrowser.
One more thing, it is possible to enable/disable thumbnail generation for a specific extension.
Just check or uncheck the Thumbnails for Windows checkbox for the appropriate extension as shown below.
Thumbnails_prefs2.jpg (28.71 KiB) Viewed 32500 times

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