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Post by striider » Wed Jun 29, 2011 8:17 pm

Hello all im new to the site and commun, so far from what iv heard you guys are a good sorce for people like me who have the Poly feaver lol.

Anyways iv downloaded the 3ds max polycrusher i install the selected item wich is my 3ds Max 2011 and when i start my 3dsmax it errors stating it cannot load the poly crasher?

please let me know how to fix this

and could someone let me know how to install it just incase ? :/

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Re: Help

Post by mootools » Mon Jul 04, 2011 11:47 pm


Polygon Cruncher is available as a Utility Plugin.
Please have a look at the help (Using Polygon Cruncher for 3DS Max / Autodesk VIZ entry) file to find the way to access it.

Here is the help content:

1- Run 3DS Max / VIZ.
2- Select 3DS Max Utilities plugin tab (1 on the image below)
3- Click on More button (2 on the image below)
4- Select Polygon Cruncher in the utilities plugin. If the plugin does not appear please follow the instructions if the Polygon Cruncher does not appear in the plugin utility list section below.
5- Polygon Cruncher opens.
maxhelp.gif (5.24 KiB) Viewed 8554 times
Polygon Cruncher does not appear in the plugin utility list

If you don't see in the plugin utility list, Polygon Cruncher might be unloaded. In this case:

Check you have polygoncruncher8_**.dlu in your 3DSMax/StdPlugs folder.
If you use 3DS Max 2012, you should find polygoncruncher9_2012.dlu.
If you use 3DS Max 2008, you should find polygoncruncher9_2008.dlu...

If you don't find this file, Polygon Cruncher is uncorrectly setup. Please setup Polygon Cruncher application again in administrator mode.
Run 3DS Max
Open Customize/Plugin manager in 3DS Max menu.
Look for Polygon Cruncher in the list.
If the status displays unloaded, right click on the plugin list and select Load New Plugin function.
Select polygoncruncher9_**.dlu in the 3DSMax/StdPlugs folder.

Let me know if this explanation is sufficient.


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