3ds Max: ParamBlock2 file error with Polygon Cruncher 11.00 and 11.02

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3ds Max: ParamBlock2 file error with Polygon Cruncher 11.00 and 11.02

Post by mootools » Mon Oct 03, 2016 6:06 pm

Polygon Cruncher 11.00 and 11.02 introduced a bug that appears when you open a 3ds Max file that includes a Polygon Cruncher 10.x modifier version.
Opening such file with 3ds max displays a dialog box with "ParamBlock2 file error". The file fails to load.

Polygon Cruncher 11.05 corrects the problem: you will be able to open 3ds max with Polygon Cruncher 10.x modifier without trouble.

As a result, you might encounter some problems opening file that includes Polygon Cruncher 11.00 and 11.02 modifiers. The "ParamBlock2 file error" dialog box appears on such file.

Fortunately, the new version provides a workaround that completely correct the problem.

If you can't load a file, here is the steps to perform to fix the problem:
  • Setup Polygon Cruncher 11.05 or more.
  • Open Polygon Cruncher 11.05 modifier, from 3ds Max modifier tab
  • Click on License / Upgrade... at the bottom of the Polygon Cruncher modifier dialog.
  • Select Convert V11.0 to V11.02 file to V11.05
  • Select a 3ds Max that needs to be converted
    The scene loads.
  • A file dialog opens. Enter a new name for your file.
    Saving the file removes the issue. All your file settings are kept.
You can now load the new file normally.
(You can delete the old file or replace the old file with the new one).

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