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Activation issues

Post by Scoobaru » Tue Jun 02, 2015 3:07 pm

I have bought Polygon Cruncher for 3DS Max and standalone version. After activating the software online it works ok for a few days then I get a message claiming "Your serial number is valid but not activated". When I try to activate it again I then get this message - "Your serial number is already activated on another computer". I have definately not activated the software on any other computer. Even worse the deactivate option does not work because the software on my PC thinks it is not activated at all, and therefore cannot deactivate.

After contacting support the activation was reset on the server and it worked again, but only for a few days. I contacted support again and it worked for a few more days and now it is not working yet again.

Have any other users seen this behaviour ? How was it finally resolved ?
I think the only way to fix it will be to get a new serial issued and the original destroyed.

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Re: Activation issues

Post by mootools » Tue Dec 01, 2015 11:55 am

Sorry for the late answer. A server problem make some post disappears.

First of all, you may contact us any time your have an activation problem. We will restore the activation promptly.
But such problem should only occurs rarely: when a computer crash or the OS changed.
There is definitively a problem that should be resolved in your case.

There should be something specific on your configuration:

Is there any process that restore your operating system regurlaly?
Is there any process that could change the current time?
How is your computer connected to the web? Is there something specific in there?

We have to dig this and you may contact us using the Private message or mail forum feature.


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