Polygon Cruncher & Lunar Roving Vehicle simulation

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Polygon Cruncher & Lunar Roving Vehicle simulation

Post by mootools » Mon Oct 06, 2014 10:39 am

Ron Creel was a member of the NASA Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle Team and shares with us a paper about his Lunar Rover simulation and the usage he made of 3DBrowser/Polygon Cruncher to help him reduce the data flow requirement for the simulation.

You can find the detailed article in the post attachment.

Ron is also looking for developers interested to get involved in his LUROVA Lunar Rover “Edutainment” game/simulation development. You can contact him at roving.ron (at) gmail.com.
Render Engine created surface data provides high quality polygon faces and vertex information for potential use in constructing thermal radiation analytical models.
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