Polygon Cruncher is not ready for Nvidia RTX!

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Polygon Cruncher is not ready for Nvidia RTX!

Post by gfa@trainzland.com » Mon Jan 11, 2021 2:56 am

Hi Team,

Unfortunately Polygon Cruncher is not ready for Nvidia RTX or upcoming AMD Ampere - RX.
Both systems Nvidia and AMD required rectangulared Meshes in order to fall not under 50% of the possible render performance.
Long and/or elongated triangles are a death for every GPU performance as well for non ray-tracing GPU devices.

Polygon Cruncher is not able to hold best quads setting in this case and this is a killer for the future.
Polygon Cruncher need better and more clever solutions and algorithms to solve this problem.

Article: Be careful with degenerate triangles
https://developer. nvidia .com/blog/creating-optimal-meshes-for-ray-tracing/

Artificial example of non-optimal geometry splitting
Untitled-1.jpg (48.98 KiB) Viewed 30 times
Thank you for your attention and kind regards.

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