3ds Max/Autoccad thumbnails

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3ds Max/Autoccad thumbnails

Post by Levi » Thu Jul 14, 2011 2:51 pm


I've just bought 3d photo browser and now have a couple of questions/suggestions.

1 - I often receive .dwg files (both 2d and 3d) in emails etc but don't actually use autocad for my work so would like to know if .dwg will be supported as a thumbnail in windows explorer (x64 windows 7) in the same way as .3ds files are. You already show thumbnails in the full 3d browser window but you don't have any option to show these in explorer. As I don't use autocad I need an external program to generate thumbnails (they're in the file already) and I feel that it would fit in nicely with 3d photo browsers current range of extensions.

2 - 3DS Max requires a plugin to generate images/3d models within the 3d photo browser. Can you make it so that the files built in thumbnail is shown in the main window rather than needing to load a plugin all the time? I use mystic thumbs to generate thumbnails for 3ds max files (.max) in explorer, along with others including photoshop and acrobat files, and it reads a pre-generated thumbnail. I personally think this could be useful for those of us who don't have 3ds Max on their system but still receive the files from time to time.

Thanks for reading

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Re: 3ds Max/Autoccad thumbnails

Post by mootools » Fri Sep 16, 2011 7:25 am


I don't know if there is a document way to read 3ds Max / Autocad pre-generated thumbnails.
I have to check this, but this could be a good idea to offer a setting that allows to display the pre generated thumbnails instead of the one generated by 3d Photo Browser.

I didn't know mysticthumbs.
Apart from the max thumbnail, what mysticthumb features would you like to see in 3D Photo Browser?


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