A brief guide to 3ds Max file support

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A brief guide to 3ds Max file support

Post by mootools » Mon Apr 01, 2019 10:07 am

3DBrowser includes 3ds Max file format support.

As 3ds Max file format is not a public and open file format, the 3ds Max files can be readed through a dynamic exchange between 3ds Max and 3DBrowser.
This involves that 3ds Max software must be setup on your computer and the 3DBrowser plugin for 3ds Max must be setup.
The format support includes support of UV textures, vertex colors, texture maps...
Using the 3ds Max dynamic exchange is easy. Below is a brief explanation on the way to use it.

Setup 3ds Max format support:

To support 3ds Max dynamic exchange between 3ds Max & 3DBrowser:
  • Select 3ds Max plugin from the 3DBrowser during 3DBrowser setup.
    If you already setup 3DBrowser and forgot to select 3ds Max plugin support, just run the setup application again.
  • Select the appropriate version of the 3ds Max plugin, depending on your 3ds Max version. If you have 3ds Max 2014, select 3ds Max 2014 plugin in the setup application.
  • Setup will then ask you a 3ds Max folder plugin folder. Select the appropriate 3ds Max folder (ie. C:\Program files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2014\stdplugs).
  • Once completed the setup has put the 3ds 3D.Brw.XX_YYYY_x64.dlu in your 3ds Max plugin folder, where XX is the version of 3DBrowser and YYYY is the version of 3ds Max.
Note: once a folder has been thumbnailed, you do not need 3ds Max any more to be active in order to view the folder thumbnails.
The folder can be accessed through a network or shared between different computers.

Thumbnail 3ds Max files

You must establish communication between 3ds Max & 3DBrowser, to make the file support effective in 3ds Max

[*] Run 3ds Max
[*] Open the utility panel
[*] Click on more button and Select 3D Browser plugin from the list
If the plugin does not appear please follow the setup instructions carefully.

[*] Run 3DBrowser and browse your 3ds Max folders. 3DBrowser will thumbnail your files automatically.
[*] You can modify the thumbnail point of view of for a specific file by opening the 3ds Max file in 3DBrowser viewer by a double click on it.
Just read the following tip in order to know how to modify the point of view of a thumbnail.

Exchange a file from / to 3ds Max format:

[*] Run 3ds Max & activate the 3DBrowser plugin
[*] Click on Send Selection or Send Scene to send the current 3ds Max selection or scene to 3DBrowser
[*] You can then perform any operation in 3DBrowser such optimizing the content or convert it to a third party format.
[*] You can send back the modified or optimized content to 3ds Max using the Send to 3ds Max button from the 3D Browser built-in 3D viewer


If the dynamic exchange does not work:
  • Verify that you select the correct 3ds Max file format version from the 3DBrowser setup.
    If you run 3ds Max 2015 (64 bits), you must use the 3ds Max 2015 plugin version, not another one!
  • Verify that 3ds 3ds 3D.Brw.XX_YYYY_x64.dlu is stored in your 3ds Max plugin folder.
  • Verify that your 3ds Max path is correctly defined from the 3D viewer preferences.

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