Using Polygon Cruncher for 3DBrowser

Polygon Cruncher is a powerful decimation tool, included in the 3DBrowser's 3D viewer. It simplifies your meshes keeping all their details. Polygon Cruncher for 3DBrowser requires an additional license.

3DBrowser Light Edition / for 3D Users

In order to open Polygon Cruncher for 3DBrowser:

  1. Select a 3D file in 3DBrowser main window.
  2. Press Enter to open the file. A 3D viewer opens.
  3. Select Tools / Polygon Cruncher from the viewer menu. Polygon Cruncher opens.
  4. Optimize your object using Compute Scene Optimization and moving the slider.
  5. Press Apply button. Polygon Cruncher closes. The 3D viewer displays your optimized object.
  6. Save the optimized object using File / Save As... command.

Polygon Cruncher includes a 7 days full trial period. You need to register after this period.
Purchase Polygon Cruncher for 3DBrowser (registration includes both Polygon Cruncher and 3DBrowser for 3D Users licenses).


When you register 3D Photo Browser for 3D Users + Polygon Cruncher you get 2 serials: one for 3DBrowser for 3D Users and one for Polygon Cruncher for 3DBrowser. Use Help / Enter a Serial Number in 3DBrowser menu and Help / Enter a Serial Number in Polygon Cruncher menu to register each product.