Define Thumbnail Point Of View

3DBrowser Light Edition / for 3D Users

Sometime the point of view used to generate a file thumbnail has no interest, and you might want to change it. This tutorial explains how to change the point of view for a given file and how to choose a new point of view for all your thumbnails.

A - Change the point of view for a single file

You have this...
...and you would like this.
  1. Double click on the 3D file. A 3D viewer opens.
  2. Select Tools / Rotate.
  3. In the 3D view rotates an appropriate point of view.
  4. Show or hide objects if needed using the object list panel (View / Object List)
  5. Select Tools / Update Thumbnail.
  6. Close the viewer by pressing on Enter.
  • This point of view follows your file when you copy it to another location, or update the folder content, using Tool / Update Current Catalog.
  • You can delete this default point of view checking Use default point of view from the Tool / Update Current Catalog dialog.

B - Change the default point of view for all files

  1. Follow Part A, steps 1 to 3
  2. Select Tools / Thumbnails Default Point of View
  3. Close the viewer by pressing on Enter.
  4. Select Tool / Update Current Catalog. A dialog appears
  5. Check Recompute thumbnails. All files, which already used a default point of view, will be updated, using the new point of view.
  6. If needed, check Use default point of view.... All particular points of view will be deleted. All 3D files will of the current folder will used this new point of view.
  7. Click on OK.