Display Files Contained in Several Folders

3DBrowser Light Edition / Image Edition / for 3D Users

Viewing several folders in the same catalog is really simple. This feature exists since release 8.3 and adds a real comfort.

A multi selection using Ctrl on
1 Images, Cows and Cars folders

A multi selection using Ctrl+Shift on
Animals folder

Suppose you store your images under a main folder C:\Images. You might have C:\Images\Animals, C:\Images\Landscapes, C:\Images\Vegetables... Multi-folders catalog can be used to display in the same view all images contained by C:\Images and its sub folders. Just use Ctrl, Shift, Ctrl+Shift key as explained below:

  1. Press Ctrl, Shift or Ctrl+Shift then click on the folders you want to display simultaneously.
    • Ctrl adds or removes the folder to/from the current selection.
    • Shift adds several folders to the current selection. 3DBrowser selects all the folders that are between the focused folder and the clicked on folder.
    • Ctrl+Shift adds the clicked on folder and its sub folders.
      Note that sub folders are not displayed if they are not expanded in the tree view.
      To expand a folder and all its sub folders:
      • Right click on the folder you want to unfold
      • Select Expand All from the contextual menu: folders are expanded


  • You might want to save the multi-folders catalog as an album. Just use File / Save As Album... command and enter a name for your album.