Clean your Hard Disk

3DBrowser Image Edition / for 3D Users

3DBrowser can be used for performing unexpected tasks. Removing large files from your hard disks can be a long and fastidious task and 3DBrowser can help you.

  1. Select View / Display Directory Size command. 3DBrowser starts to compute each folder size once you select this command.
  2. In the tree window (F6 key) you see a size information next each folders. This is a recursive size which means that this is the size of the folder and all its sub folders.
  3. In the tree view, look for a big folder then unfold it until you find the sub directory which contains a lot of data.
  4. Select View / Display Directory Size again to hide size information when you don't need it anymore.

Note: 3DBrowser compute sizes in a background thread. If a given size is not yet computed or not update, right click on a folder and the select Refresh Size command.