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How to use a Multi-language resource file?

Posted: Fri Aug 01, 2008 5:42 am
by Matt Ding
Hello RC Localize,

When I export a a Multi-language resource file(one resource for all languages), how could I involve it in compiling
time? If I can involve it in compiling time, how could I choose a certain language for my project? Can you show me
an example?

When I made changes in my resource file, after I opened the RC Localize, it will list all updated entries.
I am wondering that if I changed just one item, would RC Localize update all items(including non-changed ones)?
Here is my suggestion. During the time while I am editing the item language in a RC Localize file, if you can
provide a updated list for users, it'll be wonderful. In this way, after I clicked the entry in the list, the
updated entry would obtain focus.

I would appreciate your help.

Matt Ding.