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Polygon Cruncher SDK (Version 7.150) Overview

Polygon Cruncher SDK offers a complete C++ 3D robust and powerful engine. It includes:

  • Polygon Cruncher optimization algorithm, LOD generation and batch suppofrt
  • Reading and writing capabilities on most of 3D file formats including (Fbx, Cinema 4D, 3ds, lxo, collada, wavefront, vrml, sketchup...)
    You can register your own 3D parser to integrate them to the SDK and extend its capabilities.
  • Scene hierarchy, nodes, transformation
  • UVs, vertex colors, normals information
  • Standard materials, PBR material, material maps
  • Capability to add any additional data to points, faces
  • A complete set of 3D related features such mesh cleaning, confused point welding, mesh collapsing based on materials or anything else...
  • Ray casting, closest face finding
  • Very compact in term of memory needs, it also allows memory allocation callbacks
  • All needed classes / functions tfor file access, handling path, use unicode / utf8 strings, read file compatible with different OS.
  • Support for JT files through Siemens JT SDK. Check out here JT capabilities.

You can find more information about this capabilities here.

The SDK is available as a C++ library:

The API calls are very easy to implement and you can integrate Polygon Cruncher powerful optimization features quickly to your application.

The application domain covers any 3D fields where LOD models are needed: video games, CAD, real time visualization, 3D modeling, 3D presentation...

Polygon Cruncher SDK provides a robust technology developed since 1999. It is used by many different companies in many different application contexts.

Mootools provides a close support during the integration phase making the integration fast and easy.

Change log and notice

What's new in Polygon Cruncher SDK (Version - 7.150)?

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