Optimize a file and update it keeping as many information as possible

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Optimize a file and update it keeping as many information as possible

Post by Mootools » Thu Apr 13, 2017 3:44 pm

Polygon Cruncher SDK allows to open a file, optimizes its contents then save the results using the original file as template.
Not all the file format allows this options, but you can use it with FBX, Collada, LXO or Cinema4D for example.

The following sample opens a file, optimize it (dynamically) to 50% then update the original content.

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#include "common_cpp_type.h"
#include "ApplicationTools.h"
#include "3DType.h"
#include "3DScene.h"
#include "SceneOptimizer.h"
#include "MultiresolutionObject.h"
#include "3DExtObject.h"
#include "3DSceneNode.h"
#include "Io3dmgr.h"

int Process()
	CSceneImportOptions importOptions;
	importOptions.flags = SCENE_IMPORT_UPDATE_MODE; // This is the better way to keep as many information from your file
	CXString filename = _T("myFBXFile.fbx");
	C3DIo file(filename, FILE_PARSER_LOADING);
	C3DScene *scene = file.Read(&importOptions);
	if (!scene)
		return 1;

	// Very important !
	// Convert scene and use C3DExtObject which are required for optimizing
	C3DPolygonCruncherObjectCreator cruncherCreator(DEFAULT_OPTIMIZATION_OBJECT);
	scene->ConvertToType(NULL, &cruncherCreator);

	// Create the optimizer and attach scene
	CSceneOptimizer *optimizer = xNew(CSceneOptimizer);
	optimizer->SetFlag(SCENEOPTIMIZER_TRACK_CHANGES, true);
	optimizer->SetFlag(SCENEOPTIMIZER_PROGRESSIVE_RATIO, true); // Better results when several meshes
	optimizer->SetScene(*scene, true);


	// Define some optimization settings
	optimizer->SetOptimizeMode(DEFAULT_OPTIMIZATION_MODE, true);

	// Compute the dynamic mesh
	bool cancel;
	optimizer->Optimize(0.0f, cancel);

	// Get the dynamic mesh
	if (optimizer->GetScene(OPTIMIZED_MULTIRESOLUTION_SCENE) == NULL) // Compute the multiresolution scene
		return 1;

	optimizer->SetMultiresolutionRatio(0.5f, 0, OPTIMIZE_TO_POINT|OPTIMIZE_TO_RATIO);

	C3DScene *sceneToSave = optimizer->GetScene(OPTIMIZED_CLEANED_MULTIRESOLUTION_SCENE);

	CXString outputfile = _T("myOutputFBX.fbx");
	CSceneExportOptions exportOptions;
	exportOptions.flags = SCENE_EXPORT_TRY_UPDATE_FILE; // This will create a new file using the information contained in the original file

	C3DIo outputFile(outputfile, FILE_PARSER_SAVING);
	if (!outputFile.Save(sceneToSave, &exportOptions))
		_tprintf(FormatString(_T("%s was not saved. An error occured\n"), outputfile));
		_tprintf(FormatString(_T("%s was saved (using default options"), outputfile));

	// optimizer deletes the scene

#ifdef __WINDOWS__
int wmain()
#elif defined(__APPLE__) || defined(__LINUX__)
int main()
	InitMootoolsApplication(MOOTOOLS_LICENSE_KEY); // Init mootools application with default settings

	int result = Process();

	CloseMootoolsApplication(); // Close mootools application properly

	return result;

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